Egypt launches Cairo Water Week, Oct 14-18 2018

Egypt launches Cairo Water Week, Oct 14-18 2018

Sunday 15 July 2018
2:00 AM
Source : مكتب المتحدث الرسمي

Cairo Water Week will be an annual event that aims at promoting water awareness, fostering new thinking around the most pressing water-related challenges and taking actions towards integrated water resources management and conservation. The event will be organized by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in cooperation with national, regional and international partners. It is intended to be a platform for all water stakeholders to meet and deliberate on the water issues that make a priority and influence their daily life and have impact on the future.

The first round of the CWW will be convened this year around the general theme “Water Conservation for Sustainable Development” and expect to be attended by about more than 500 participants from around the world. The following are the themes of the Cairo Water Week:

1. Water Management for Sustainable Development.

2. Climate Change and Environment.

3. Water Scarcity, Health, Sanitation Challenges and Opportunities.

4. Science, Technology and Innovation.

5. Transboundary Water Governance and Benefit Sharing.

Also, other activities during the week are as follow:

· The 4th Session of the Islamic Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water.

· The 3rd Delta Coalition Ministerial Conference.

· The Professional Youth Water Forum.

· The EU Integrated investment planning in the water sector in Egypt.

· The FAO-Egypt partnership.

Alongside the meetings, Industries, technology developers and development actors are cordially invited to participate in a distinguished exhibition; it will be an excellent occasion to enlighten developers and policy-makers on the various opportunities for water investments.

For more information about the conference and the registration, please visit the CWW website on