Privileges and Immunities

Duties of Diplomatic Envoys and Decorations Division

1.  Electronic Enlisting:

  • Authorizing Egyptian Embassies to issue diplomatic visa to new members of foreign diplomatic and consular missions, holders of diplomatic passports, international and regional organizations as well as members of permanent missions to the Arab League prior to their arrival to Egypt.
  • Enrollment of data related to new members, holders of diplomatic passports, and their families upon arrival to Egypt and issuing and renewing their diplomatic ID.​

2.   Credentials of new foreign Ambassadors to Egypt:​

  • Receiving the nominations of new Ambassadors to Egypt and coordinating with the concerned authorities. Upon approval of the nomination, the Division informs the authorities of the sending State.
  • New Ambassadors are received by officials from the Division at the airport on their first arrival to Cairo, according to the principle of reciprocity, as well as farewell them on completion of their duties in Egypt.
  • Arranging meetings for the new Ambassadors with either the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Assistant Foreign Minister for Protocol to hand over copy of their credentials until the official ceremony of presenting the credentials to the President.
  • Coordinating with Embassies and the Egyptian Presidency the preparations for the ceremony of presenting the credentials of new Ambassadors to the President.

3.   Military Attaches:


  • Coordinating the process of nomination of Military Attaches with Egyptian competent authorities and enlisting their information electronically upon arrival to Egypt.

4    Letters of Credence of Egyptian Ambassadors posted abroad:

  • Coordinating the process of preparing the letters of credence of the Egyptian Ambassadors before assuming their new assignments.

5.    Decorations and Medals:

  • Receiving requests from Embassies to obtain approval to grant medals to Egyptian citizens, or from Egyptian citizens who received medals from foreign States,  in order to obtain the permission of the President to accept and wear the medals conferred upon by foreign Governments.

6.    Preparation of the diplomatic list of the Egyptian diplomatic missions abroad.

7.     Preparation of the diplomatic list of Foreign Missions, Regional and International Organizations accredited to Egypt. ​