The Institute for Diplomatic Studies

About the Institute

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Institute for Diplomatic Studies is an Egyptian governmental educational institute that was established in 1966 by a Presidential decree, with the aim of providing the latest practical and applied training to members of the Diplomatic and Consular service in order to achieve the highest competence.


Vision of the Institute

In light of continuously and rapidly evolving international developments, the institute has identified the priorities and tools that a diplomat should possess in line with the new millennium. The multitude of international issues and topics, the information revolution, and the emergence of digital diplomacy have prompted a dire need to re-explore the concepts and the philosophy behind the training of young diplomatic cadres.


Mission of the Institute

The Institute for Diplomatic Studies offers an educational training program aimed at enhancing the knowledge and practical skills of trainees. Diplomatic Attaches lie at the heart of this comprehensive training program.


Lecturers and Guest Speakers

The Institute for Diplomatic Studies welcomes renowned Egyptian Diplomats to benefit from their outstanding academic qualifications and extensive diplomatic experience. Lecturers include diplomats, prominent Ambassadors, distinguished professors, notable representatives of research centers in Egypt, policy-makers and Egyptian public figures. Lectures are also delivered by guest speakers including foreign diplomats, politicians and academics.

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