The Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD)

​​​The Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development was established on the first of July 2014 after merging "The Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa" and "The Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with the countries of the Commonwealth and Islamic countries and the Newly Independent States" in a new entity.

 President “Abdel Fattah AI-Sisi” announced the launch of the new agency in his speech at the twenty-third Summit of the African Union in Malabo (June 2014).

n a decree dated on the third of September 2013, the Prime Minister determined the mandate of the Agency in: granting technical cooperation and humanitarian assistance to African and Islamic countries, organizing training courses and workshops, promoting the collaboration with the United Nations, developed countries, regional and international organizations within the framework of south-south, and north-south cooperation, as well as contributing in funding and in mobilizing funds for development projects.                                                         

 Currently, Mr. Sameh Shoukry, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, chairs the Agency’s Board while it’s administered by a Secretary General; Ambassador/ Ahmed Shaheen​.

 This institution, affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is operating according to the established business methods of development aid agencies in the world. One of the principal goals of EAPD is to provide development calibers to African and Islamic countries by offering capacity building programs. For decades, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been contributing in the socio-economic development of African countries through the transfer and exchange of knowledge, skills and expertise since a prosperous Africa remains a key objective for the Egyptian government. 

Various technical cooperation activities include:

  • Recruitment and dispatching of Egyptian experts and consultants in various fields according to the needs of the recipient country (short or long term assignments).
  • Organization of several yearly training programs.
  • Participation in pan-African endeavors aiming at boosting the development of the continent in collaboration with local, regional and international organizations.

Building on its long experience in helping its continent to overcome the socio-economic challenges, Egypt believes that agriculture, health, education and information technology are essential pillars to build the African Renaissance. The training facilities in Egypt are centers of excellence that utilize state of the art technology to organize the requested courses and to ensure the transfer of knowledge. The programs undertaken by EAPD are diverse and reflect the needs of recipient countries.

The expertise which Egypt provides includes the following areas:

  • Diplomacy.
  • Transportation.
  • Communication and Information Technology.
  • Health Care.
  • Agriculture.
  • Police, Crime Prevention and Counter Terrorism.
  • Water Management and irrigation.
  • Tourism.
  • Industrialization.
  • Relief and Emergency Assistance.
  • Electricity and energy resources.
  • Security and defense.
  • Privatization and Public Sector Reform. 
  • Industrial Management.
  • Environment.
  • Pilot Farms/ Feasibility studies for small projects.

Trilateral agreements have been concluded with donor countries, international organizations and development agencies to broaden the scope of work of EAPD as well as to raise necessary supplementary funding.

As part of its continued commitment to Africa, the Egyptian Government allots a yearly independent budget for the EAPD. Additional resources are mobilized from donor agencies and international organizations based on agreements with the Agency. The cost-sharing mechanism has been successfully utilized by EAPD through both bilateral cooperation with the recipient African country, and triangular cooperation with a donor country (or with a U.N agency or an international organization).

EAPD is currently seeking to expand its trilateral cooperation with interested governments, regional and international organizations.

Main Trilateral Cooperation partners include:

  • Japan.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Italy.
  • Brazil.
  • China.
  • Singapore.
  • African Development Bank.
  • Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa. 
  • Islamic Development Bank.
  • Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries.​
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