Office of the Spokesperson

Functions of the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


The Spokesperson is responsible for developing and implementing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Policy. He is responsible for explaining Egypt's foreign policy, Egypt's international positions and the Foreign Minister's tasks and activities to the local and international media through:​


  • Issuing daily statements on the activities of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and members of the Ministry at home and abroad.
  • Provide periodic briefings to Egyptian and foreign journalists and deal with all media.
  • Supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the social media outlets "Facebook" and "Twitter" and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Blog.
  • Supervising the administration of public diplomacy and communicating with universities, research centers, youth groups and civil society organizations to publicize Egypt's international positions and the main principles and determinants of its foreign policies.
  • Coordination of public diplomacy and foreign parliamentary tours and visits.

Press Office:

The Information Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is under the supervision of the Spokesperson. It prepares and implements media communication plans for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The office also monitors the local and international publications addressing Egyptian affairs. The office is mandated with providing the local, regional and international media with the accurate news and information about Egyptian foreign policy. Among the most important initiatives adopted by the Office was the launch of the Foreign Ministry's Blog, through which researches, reports and opinion articles of the Spokesman and a group of researchers and opinion writers are published. The Office also arranges press and media meetings, seminars, workshops and specialized activities organized and hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs throughout the year, in coordination with the relevant departments of the ministry.​​

Department of Public Diplomacy:

The Department of Public Diplomacy undertakes the task of proposing and implementing initiatives aimed at employing Egyptian soft power to support the objectives of the Egyptian foreign policy in cooperation with the media, government and private sector. The Department also seeks to develop elements of direct communication between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the segments of Egyptian society by proposing and implementing creative ideas for community initiatives.