Egypt welcomes the ceasefire in Libya

Sunday 12 January 2020
9:05 AM



The Arab Republic of Egypt welcomes the unconditional ceasefire declared yesterday in Libya, expresses its support for all steps sparing the lives of the brotherly Libyan people, and reiterates the importance of returning to the political track, namely the Berlin process, and the United Nations Envoy efforts to launch the three tracks; political, economic, and security. Egypt also affirms its support for a comprehensive solution preserving the security of Libya as well as the security of its neighboring countries and the Mediterranean basin’s countries, and protecting Libya's unity and territorial integrity.

In this context, Egypt stresses the need to continue combating extremist streams on the Libyan arena, and the importance of exhibiting the necessary firmness in dealing with every external intervention providing support for these streams and sending foreign fighters to the Libyan territories. Moreover, Egypt recalls that the success of the political process entails commitment to the agreed necessary dismantling of the militias in parallel with the ceasefire; a matter which Egypt will strive to secure in cooperation with the partners, especially as it serves the interests of all parties on the international scene.

Furthermore, Egypt affirms that the ceasefire is considered as a primary step after which proper restructuring of the Presidential Council must be implemented, in addition to the need to achieve equitable distribution of wealth in Libya, as well as the importance of respecting the role of the House of Representatives under the Skhirat Agreement, and the National Army’s responsibility to protect Libya’s security and stability.