Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Saturday 8 September 2018
12:00 PM

The Arab Republic of Egypt condemns and denounces, in the strongest terms, the statement released by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, with regards to the sentences issued by Cairo Criminal Court on September 8th, in the case on the events of dispersing the armed  Raba'a sit in.  Egypt considers this an unfortunate start for the new high commissioner in carrying out her duties, as the statement deviates from the standards of objectivity and professionalism, as well as the provisions of mandate set out for her UN position.


Egypt rejects claims that impinge, directly or indirectly, on the integrity of the Egyptian judiciary, as well as the statement's subscription to the lies and fabrications of the terrorist Brotherhood group, while overlooking its history in perpetrating terrorism and murdering innocent civilians and members of law enforcement authorities. Egypt also rejects accusation of crackdown by the Egyptian authorities against the said terrorist group in the event of dispersing the armed Raba'a sit-in, all the while belittling the serious criminal charges attributed to the accused. This points to the UN High Commissioner's intent to follow the usual approach in overstepping the prerogatives of her office, and in issuing inaccurate statements, criticizing legal and judiciary systems of other countries, beyond her mandate and area of specialization.


The Arab Republic of Egypt affirms the judicial authorities' unwavering commitment to the rule of law and due process, and to guaranteeing the right to defense for any accused, including hearing out witnesses, examining  evidence, and following all other due procedures. Therefore, the High Commissioner's announcement of an absolute opinion over these sentences as "a miscarriage of justice" is an unacceptable encroachment upon the work of the Egyptian judicial system and those presiding over it.


It is also deeply disturbing that the High Commissioner's statement reflected an imprecise and superficial interpretation of what it called security personnel law, which was issued by the people's elected representatives, as a regulatory framework in full conformity with the constitution. Neither this law nor any other law prevent the conduct of investigations or the referral to competent courts. It is noteworthy that there are similar regulatory frameworks that are applicable to members of judicial bodies, elected parliamentarians, journalists, lawyers, and other groups.


Egypt calls upon the High Commissioner to observe impartiality and objectivity in future occasions; to focus on promoting human rights by building bridges of communication and constructive dialogue; to fully understand societal particularities and respect peoples' will; and to ensure that her responsibilities as an international official are carried out in accordance with the rules and principles enshrined in the UN charter, and thus must not be overstepped.​