Press Release

Sunday 13 October 2019
5:40 AM



Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs, Ambassador Hamdi Sanad Loza, held a meeting on October 13, 2019, with the ambassadors of Germany, Italy and China - all countries with companies working in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) - whereby the Deputy Foreign Minister expressed Egypt's discontent at the fact that these companies continue their work in the GERD despite the lack of studies on the economic, social and environmental effects of it on Egypt, and despite their awareness that negotiations have stalled due to the intransigence of the Ethiopian side. Ambassador Loza added that necessary studies not being conducted and an agreement not being reached on the filling and operation of the GERD contravenes Ethiopia's obligations under the Declaration of Principles and under the rules of international law. In this regard, he stressed the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities in affirming Ethiopia's commitment to the principle of not causing significant harm to Egypt and working towards reaching an agreement that takes into account Egypt's water interests.