The Union for the Mediterranean approves the appointment of Ambassador Nasser Kamel as Secretary-General of the Union

Saturday 10 February 2018
2:00 AM


The Senior Officials’ Meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean approved the appointment of Ambassador Nasser Ahmed Kamel as Secretary-General of the Union. The decision was issued by consensus of the 43 Member States of the regional intergovernmental Euro-Mediterranean organization which brings together the European Union and the countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean to promote cooperation.


The Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Counselor Ahmed Abu Zeid, stated that the Egyptian candidate's success in obtaining such important position is owed to many considerations, mainly to his qualifications and experience over more than three decades in all aspects related to cooperation with the European Union, in addition to the intensive contacts held by the Egyptian Foreign Minister and the Egyptian Embassies abroad to rally the consensus of all the Arab Member States of the Union on the Egyptian candidate as the candidate of the Arab Group for this post. The Arab countries’ positive attitudes reflected their high regard for Egypt and the country’s high stature in its  Arab milieu . This was culminated in a unanimous vote in favor of the Arab consensual candidate, which demonstrates Egypt's weight on the regional and international scenes, and serves as a tribute by the EU states to the country’s pivotal role in enhancing relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean.


The Spokesperson added that the Union for the Mediterranean was established in July 2008 as an intergovernmental organization in charge of the management and cooperation frameworks between the Mediterranean and EU countries, noting that the UfM plays a distinct role in supporting political dialogue among the Member States, and in developing  cooperation in the Mediterranean region in a number of areas, particularly entrepreneurship, infrastructure and transport, energy and climate, water and environment, higher education and scientific research, and social and civil affairs. The UfM will celebrate this year the 10thanniversary of its establishment at a joint Egyptian-French initiative.


It is worth noting that the decision to nominate Egypt's current  ambassador to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Nasser Kamel, came on objective grounds, on the basis of  his qualifications and expertise, notably his outstanding contribution to the preparation of the institutional and organizational framework of the Union for the Mediterranean. Furthermore, he took part in the drafting of the Declaration of the UfM First Summit, hosted by the French capital during his tenure as Egypt's Ambassador to France, besides his extended career path that involved dealing with all aspects of relations with the European Union in his capacity as the deputy head of the Egyptian delegation to the European Union in Brussels, and through his service in the embassies of Egypt in Tunisia, Paris and Lisbon, all Mediterranean countries par excellence. Kamel’s economic expertise, as he was in charge for years of the cooperation files with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, also adds to his massive career.​