UNSC Adopts an Egyptian Draft Resolution that Guarantees Continuing Humanitarian Aid Deliveries to Syria

Monday 18 December 2017
12:00 PM


The Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Counselor Ahmed Abu Zeid, stated that Egypt welcomed the adoption by the Security Council of the draft resolution submitted by Egypt, Sweden and Japan to extend the effect of the Resolution no. 2165 on the delivery of cross-border humanitarian assistance to Syria. The Resolution reflects the international community’s response vis-à-vis the dire humanitarian situation in Syria, as it regulates the cross-border access of humanitarian aid into the Syrian territories, thus benefiting about 2.8 million Syrians per month.


He pointed out that Egypt, in its capacity as the Arab member of the Security Council, and one of the three countries in charge of the drafting of the UNSC resolutions related to humanitarian issues, has played a role, in coordination with the delegations of Sweden and Japan, in converging the positions of the Security Council members in order to reach the required consensus on the draft resolution, and so as to ensure that humanitarian aid swift delivery to our brotherly Syrian people is not being obstructed or disrupted.


The Spokesman affirmed that the resolution called on all stakeholders in Syria, in particular the Syrian authorities, to fulfill their obligations under international law and international humanitarian law, and urged them to expeditiously respond to all requests for cross-line deliveries submitted by the UN and its implementing partners. The resolution also stressed that the absence of a political solution to the Syrian crisis would further complicate the situation, and therefore reiterated the need to comply with the implementation of resolution no 2254 in order to facilitate a transitional political process in Syria.


Finally, Abu Zeid indicated that the success of the Egyptian diplomacy in passing this resolution is considered as a culmination of the effective role played by Egypt as a member of the Security Council over the past two years, and is in line with Egypt's steadfast and constant keenness to respond to the humanitarian needs of the brotherly Syrian people, especially in light of the success of the Egyptian mediation for more than once recently in delivering humanitarian assistance to Syria, in addition to its efforts in supporting and expanding the scope of the de-escalation zones in Syria.