Press Release

Monday 28 October 2019
12:35 AM



Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Counselor Ahmed Hafez welcomed the announcement on the United States’ success in eliminating the terrorist "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi", which represents an important step in the quest towards eradicating terrorism. 

The Spokesperson added that this development should be pursued with continued concerted international efforts and unified action to counter terrorism in all its forms and manifestations with no discrimination, as all terrorist takfirist organizations such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the terrorist Brotherhood emanate from the same extremist ideological source. 

Moreover, Hafez stressed the need to address the phenomenon of terrorism from a comprehensive perspective that takes into account the security and development facets, as well as ideological confrontation in order to refute the misconceptions of religious texts promoted by terrorist groups. In this regard, he pointed out that Egypt continues to urge the international community to hold accountable the countries that play a negative role in inciting and supporting terrorism through financing, providing safe havens, and facilitating mobility of terrorist elements, in addition to providing various platforms for spreading terrorist and extremist ideologies, which leads to destabilizing the region and the world.