Egypt provides humanitarian assistance to Malawi to face the effects of the cyclone

Wednesday 15 May 2019
10:00 AM

In light of Egypt's role, and its duty to stand by its African brethren, especially as it currently chairs the African Union, and with reference to the country’s decision to provide humanitarian assistance to Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, which were affected by Cyclone Idai, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian Armed Forces have coordinated to handle, prepare, and ship aid to the three countries, consisting in shelter tents, food, and medicine. An Egyptian military cargo aircraft carrying the aid shipment provided by Egypt to our brothers in Malawi arrived on May 15th to the Malawian capital of Lilongwe.

It is worth noting that a second aircraft carrying medical aid is scheduled to arrive on May 18th in order to support Malawi’s health sector in relieving those affected by the cyclone.

The aid shipment was received by the Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Hassan Shawqy, and members of the embassy. The reception ceremony was also attended by the Malawian Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi, and a number of senior Malawian officials from the Presidency and the Foreign Ministry, and leaders of the main army branches of Malawi.

Ambassador Shawqy said that the Egyptian assistance comes in the framework of Egypt's commitment to supporting our brothers in Malawi, particularly in times of crisis. It is also stemmed from Egypt's responsibility towards backing the government and UN efforts and helping those affected by the cyclone that killed some 60 Malawians and left thousands of displaced persons. The Egyptian ambassador also renewed his condolences and expressed the solidarity of the Egyptian leadership, government and people with sisterly Malawi.

On his part, Minister Dausi expressed, on behalf of the President of Malawi, gratitude to Egypt for its continuous solidarity with his country and to its support for its development process by providing experts and training courses to build the Malawian cadres capacities in many vital fields. He also affirmed his country's confidence in the Egyptian chairmanship of the African Union, in addition to Egypt's ability to develop mechanisms to deal with the challenges facing the continent and to maintain the the unified and complementary African positions.​