Egypt welcomes the United States decision to add the groups of "Hasm" and "Lewaa El-Thawra"to the list of terrorist organizations

Friday 2 February 2018
4:00 PM


 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid welcomed the decision made by the United States to include the groups of "Hasm" and "Lewaa El-Thawra", affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, on the US list of terrorist organizations. He regarded the decision as a positive development in the recognition of Egypt's international partners, primarily the UnIted States, of the danger the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots pose to the security and stability of Egypt and its people.


 The Spokesperson added that the US decision is a practical display of solidarity with Egypt against terrorism, and the despicable attempts that aim to hinder its developmental trajectory and economic launch. This stance was recently expressed by the US officials at the highest levels, and represents an important step forward towards adopting an international comprehensive and effective strategy to eradicate and root out terrorism.