Statement on the developments in Sudan

Thursday 11 April 2019
2:35 AM

Unofficial Translation​

Egypt is closely following with great interest the ongoing and accelerating developments in the brotherly country of Sudan at this critical moment of its modern history. In this framework, Egypt asserts its full support for the choices of the brotherly people of Sudan and their free will to forge the future of their country, as well as what the people of Sudan agree on during this important phase, in accordance with Egypt’s steadfast position of completely respecting the sovereignty of Sudan and its national decision.


Egypt also expresses its complete trust in the ability of the brotherly people of Sudan and its loyal, national military to overcome this defining phase and its challenges, in order to achieve their hopes and aspirations for stability, prosperity, and development. Egypt further stresses its firm resolve to preserve the  strong ties between the peoples of the Nile Valley in light of the unified path and destiny that join the two brotherly peoples, and in such a manner that achieves the interests of the two brotherly countries.


Egypt calls upon the international community to support the choices of the Sudanese people and what they agree on during this critical and historic moment. Egypt also calls on brotherly and friendly countries to support Sudan and assist it in achieving a peaceful transition to a better future that  achieves the legitimate aspirations of its gracious people.


The people and government of Egypt will continue their support and assistance for the brothers in Sudan towards the achievement of the stability and prosperity to which the Sudanese people aspire.​