During the Arab League emergency ministerial meeting: Shoukry affirms the right of all Syrians to resist the Turkish offensive, and the importance of confronting attempts by the Turkish regime to enforce demographic modifications in Syria

Saturday 12 October 2019
3:40 AM


Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry participated in the emergency meeting of the League of Arab States’ Council, held at the ministerial level on 12 October 2019 in Cairo to discuss the Turkish offensive against Syria.
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Counselor Ahmed Hafez stated that Minister Shoukry stressed, during his speech before the meeting, that the Turkish regime's offensive against Syria presents a serious breach of the principles of the United Nation’s Charter, and Security Council resolutions stipulating the preservation of Syria’s unity and independence, especially UNSC Resolution No. 2254. Accordingly, affirming the right of all Syrians to resist this offensive, pursuant to the right to legitimate self-defense enshrined in Article 51 of the UN Charter.

Hafez explained that the Foreign Minister's speech referred to the Turkish regime's attempt to deviate from its ongoing crisis, by hastening with its aggressive policies, and trying to seize an area of ​​influence inside the Syrian territories, moreover, to enforce demographic modifications in Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorism, which raises irony and surprise at such negligence towards conclusive evidence that points at Turkey and its leadership’s responsibility for supporting terrorist organizations in the region. Minister Shoukry stressed that history will hold accountable whoever was involved in supporting the Turkish regime's offensive against Syria, and anyone who failed to st​and up for its brotherly people.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson added that Minister Shoukry's speech also called on the international community, represented by the Security Council, to assume its responsibility for taking all necessary measures to ensure the cessation of the offensive, and to force the Turkish regime to immediately and unconditionally withdraw from the Syrian territories.  

He also outlined Egypt's keenness on being at the forefront of every and each Arab effort aimed at confronting this offensive, and holding its perpetrators accountable, especially since the preliminary indications point out to the escalating numbers of the dead and wounded, and the displaced innocent civilians that reached 100,000 Syrian citizens, which are considered war crimes against humanity under international humanitarian law.

In this context, Minister Shoukry warned of the potential catastrophic repercussions of such aggression, including the annulment of victories won over the terrorist Daesh, thus paving the way for the group and other terrorist organizations to reassemble and mobilize, not to mention the threat it poses to the long-awaited political breakthrough in Syria, since announcing the formation of the Constitutional Committee and the commencement of its work starting this month’s end, hence holding Turkey fully responsible for any repercussions as a result of its flagrant aggression. 

Hafez concluded by noting Foreign Minister's assertion of Egypt’s condemnation in the strongest terms of the Turkish offensive, considering it an unacceptable occupation of the territories of a sisterly Arab country, while expressing Egypt's steadfast position in support of the stability and sovereignty of all Arab states against any external act of aggression, and its categorical rejection of regional interventions attempting to destabilize Arab countries and interfere in their internal affairs.​

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