Egypt adopts Security Council resolution on preventing and combating the financing of terrorism, Reiterates the need to hold accountable countries that support, provide financing and armament to terrorism, and incite terrorism through media platforms.

Friday 29 March 2019
1:00 AM

Unofficial Translation 

Egypt adopted the French draft resolution at the Security Council on preventing and combating the financing of terrorism, which was adopted unanimously by the Security Council during the open debate on the issue of terrorism financing, at the UN Security Council on 28 March 2019. It was chaired by Jean Yves Le Drian,  the Minister of Foreign Affiars of France, in the capacity of Security Council’s president for the month of March.

Delivering Egypt’s statement at the open debate following the adoption of the resolution, Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations in New York, Ambassador Mohamed Edrees, welcomed the French initiative introducing the draft resolution that was adopted, especially with the importance of combating the financing of terrorism in general and for Egypt in particular, as financing is one of the main tools that allow terrorism to continue its presence and influence.

During his speech, Ambassador Edrees stressed that ensuring the effectiveness of combating the financing of terrorism requires a fight against all terrorist organizations without any distinctions, and not to reduce confrontation to only one or two organizations, especially as the same ideology unites all the these terrorist organizations no matter what they may be called, as long as they belong to the same takfirist extremist ideology inciting terrorism. He also affirmed the need to firmly and seriously tackle terrorism states and entities that use some non-governmental organizations and charity and relief organizations as a façade to collect funds for terrorism purposes.

Edrees added that it is necessary as well to activate international mechanisms to combat the financing of terrorism and to drain its sources by monitoring and tracking the financial transfers made by terrorist organizations and elements, in addition to addressing the links between these organizations and transnational organized crime networks, while strengthening coordination at the national, regional and international levels, with a view to implementing effective and innovative measures to cope with the qualitative development of the new means of financing used nowadays by terrorist organizations.

In this context, he called upon the United Nations Organization with its various organs, in particular the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism, and the UN Counter-Terrorism Centre, to strengthen and intensify their efforts in assisting countries to build their capacities in the field of combating the financing of terrorism with clear projects that would achieve a significant impact.

The Permanent Representative of Egypt reviewed at length the efforts exerted at the national level to combat the financing of terrorism, including Egypt's ratification of most international and regional conventions on this subject.  It has also created a unit to combat the financing of terrorism and money‑laundering and has established mechanisms to implement relevant Council resolutions. Such measures were praised by the concerned United Nations organs.

At the end of his statement before the Security Council, Edrees outlined the importance of implementing the adopted resolution and all the Security Council resolutions in relation to combating terrorism. The Council must also hold accountable those countries that are not committed to the full implementation of these resolutions and continue violating them, which has in effect led to continuing the financing and armament of terrorism, the proliferation of foreign terrorist fighters and their mobility from conflict zones to other states and regions, with continued support and providing safe havens for terrorists, and inciting terrorism through media platforms.