Egypt and the Security Council

Egypt and the Security Council: Non- Permanent Membership 2016-2017


  • Egypt's non-permanent membership in the Security Council (2016-2017) reaffirms its leading pivotal role as a beacon of stability in the Middle East and Africa, and asserts its rising international stature to global prominence in light of its valuable endeavors aimed at promoting peace and security in the region and the world, and advancing the interests of the Arab, African and other developing countries.
  • Egypt's efforts and actions within the Security Council are always premised on steadfast stances, clear visions, and an unwavering commitment to restoring the region's security and stability given the turbulent regional situation mired in conflicts and plagued with the spread of extremist and terrorist groups and organizations that trade religion for narrow interests, which undermines the concept of the Nation State.
  • In its capacity as a Chair of the UNSC in May 2016 and August 2017, as well as a President of the UN Counter-Terrorism committee, Egypt has achieved a successful leap for its endeavors within the Council aimed at enhancing international efforts to counter extremist ideology and narratives, as the country has succeeded in unanimously adopting the UNSC Resolution 2354 (2017) last May after it was issued as an official document of the Security Council by obtaining unanimous approval of the Committee's members on a Comprehensive International Framework to Counter Terrorist Narratives.
  • While Egypt chaired the Security Council in August 2017, it has also unanimously succeeded in adopting another resolution no 2370 on Preventing terrorists from acquiring weapons, in an initiative as part of its relentless efforts towards advancing the international counter-terrorism agenda within the UN in general, which reflects the special interest Egypt attaches to enhancing counter-terrorism efforts from a comprehensive approach that addresses the various dimensions of the phenomenon and all those who provide it with political, financial and military support, according to the vision clearly outlined by the President of the Republic during his speech before the Arab-Islamic-American Anti-Terrorism Summit in Riyadh.
  • Egypt has managed to uphold the main international references and UN resolutions in support for the Palestinian Cause, and to push forward all efforts aimed at reaching a political solution to the Question that would guarantee the establishment of the Palestinian State on the June 4th 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Egyptian diplomacy has also asserted its priorities and vision with regard to restoring security and stability in the Libyan State and preserving its territorial integrity and national institutions, mainly the Libyan National Army.
  • Egypt's positions with regards to the Syrian crisis and its voting pattern on the pertinent draft resolutions within the Council are stemmed from its national fundamentals and inherent commitment to save our brotherly Syrian people from its long-standing ordeal. Such positions are also aimed at seeking practical and swift formulas to stop the bloodshed, alleviate the aggravated humanitarian situation, and bring to an end years of failure in reaching a unified vision for a comprehensive political settlement to the crisis that would preserve Syria's territorial integrity and unity and prevent the descent of its institutions into chaos which would only be of benefit for terrorist organizations.
  • Egypt's membership of the Security Council in parallel with its membership of the African Union Peace and Security Council has provided it with a platform to showcase the pivotal African dimension of its foreign policy and its influential role in addressing the various delicate issues and seeking to settle the Continent's disputes.
  • Egypt has successfully affirmed the importance of building a strategic partnership with the African Union in support for peacekeeping and peacebuilding, while taking into account the African concerns, its priorities and independence. This has contributed in advancing our leading role in Africa and in enhancing the efforts of both the Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding, and the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development.
  • In general, Egypt has demonstrated across its membership in the Council a steadfast stance and independency in defending its positions. It has also proven its ability to voice the concerns of a broad base of the UN members, as Egypt's actions within the Security Council were governed by a firm commitment and genuine keenness to cooperate and seek achieving the required consensus so as to serve international peace and security causes. Such display was highly esteemed by all the regional and international States and parties.​

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