Combating Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration

Migration, Refugees and Human Trafficking:

On the national level:​​

• The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs works in its capacity as a member of the National Coordinating Committee on Preventing and Combating Illegal Immigration and the National Coordinating Committee for Combating Human Trafficking in partnership with all stakeholders concerned with the issue of migration, such as the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Local Development and other sectors concerned with addressing migration-related issues. The aforementioned committees aim to qualify national capabilities to deal with their relevant issues, as well as to prepare studies in order to identify the phenomenon and its dimensions and treat it at its core.

• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates with the relevant international organizations and the concerned government agencies on issues of migration, asylum and combatting human trafficking, as the Foreign Ministry is the official contact point in charge.

​On the International and Regional Levels:​​​​

• Egypt emphasizes the importance of combating illegal migration in the framework of collective cooperation under the principle of shared burden and responsibility and away from unilateral endeavors.

• Egypt actively and effectively participates in the AU-Horn of Africa Counter Trafficking Initiative, and the EU Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative known as the Khartoum Process, on migratory routes, and combating human trafficking and smuggling in cooperation with the concerned African countries in this regard.

• Egypt hosted the 2nd Ministerial Meeting of the AU-Horn of Africa Initiative on Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants in Sharm El-Sheikh in September 2015.

• Egypt participated constructively in the Rome Declaration of November 2014 on the EU Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative to help the countries of the Horn of Africa fight human trafficking and migrant smuggling. In this context, Egypt hosted the meeting of the Steering Committee issued from the Declaration in April 2015 in Sharm el-Sheikh, as a number of African projects and ideas were introduced for development and addressing the root causes of illegal migration.

• Egypt actively participated in the preparation and drafting process at the Valletta Summit on Migration (November 2015), whereby it took over defending the African view in its capacity as the Chairperson of the two initiatives AU-Horn of Africa and EU-Horn of Africa in coordination with the AU Commission.

• Egypt took over the presidency of the Steering Committee of the Khartoum Process during 2014. The presidency then shifted to Britain in November 2015, then to Ethiopia.

• Egypt participates in the high-level meetings organized by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees on the Syrian refugees, in order to coordinate support for the countries hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey).

• Egypt has been counted - in light of its hosting of a large number of refugees, including brotherly Syrians – among the States of the Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan in Response to the Syria Crisis released by the United Nations for the neighboring countries hosting Syrian refugees, which is aimed at improving and raising their living conditions and integrating them in their host communities.

• Egypt will host in Luxor in November 2017 the first conference of its kind, which will include all the processes on Migration Routes between Africa and Europe. The conference will focus on combating smuggling of migrants and human trafficking with an emphasis on unaccompanied minors.