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Egypt Rises to Eighth Spot Among Top 10 Countries Contributing to UN Peacekeeping Operations


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid said Egypt has become one of the top ten troops contributing countries to UN peacekeeping operations, as stated in the periodic report issued by the United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations. In this regard, the report noted that Egypt has moved up to the eighth spot among the most contributing countries, after having occupying 13th place last year. This highlights Egypt's growing role within the United Nations, especially in light of its membership in the UN Security Council.

The spokesperson added that Egypt's growing contribution to UN peacekeeping operations emanates from its keenness to enhance international peace and security, especially in African countries, and from its effective role in settling disputes and conflicts in the continent.

The spokesperson noted that Egypt has always been at the forefront of countries that contribute to peacekeeping operations since their inception, and has made its first contribution to the peacekeeping mission in Congo in 1960. Since then, Egypt has increased its contributions to become one of the largest contributing nations. Such increase stems from its strong belief in upholding its responsibilities towards international peace and security issues, and in light of the professionalism, efficiency and strong capabilities that the Egyptian troops have shown, in addition to their commitment to the highest standards of conduct and discipline.