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Egypt elected member of the United Nations Human Rights Council


In a new victory for the Egyptian diplomacy that illustrates the support it has at the international level, Egypt was elected today, the 28th of October, to the United Nations Human Rights Council for the term 2017 - 2020, after it received 173 votes during the election that took place at the United Nation General Assembly. This is regarded as high level of support. The United States has won 175 votes, the U.K 173 votes, Japan 177 votes, Saudi Arabia 152 votes, Hungry 144 votes, Brazil 137 votes, China 180 votes, Rwanda 176 votes out of the 193 votes of the United Nations General Assembly members. 

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Counselor Ahmed Abu Zeid pointed out in his remarks that Egypt's accession to the UN Human Rights Council, along with its membership of the United Nation Security Council and the African Union Peace and Security Council is a display of  its rise to global prominence and the growing confidence it gained at the international level, with its leading role in enhancing security and stability in the Middle East and Africa, and in upholding the principles of International law and the Charter of the United Nations.

Abu Zeid added that Egypt's membership of the Human Rights Council reflects the international appreciation for its political trajectory, as it moves ahead with steady steps towards the establishment of a modern state that upholds the values of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, despite the difficult regional situation and the challenges it imposes at the internal and regional levels. Abu Zeid expressed Egypt's appreciations to all countries that  supported its election, and stated that Egypt looks forward to effectively participating in the council meetings and collaborating with its members in a spirit of coordination, openness and cooperation in order to enhance the working mechanism of the council and promote International Human Rights through a holistic approach that goes beyond political and civic freedoms, which ought to be developed, to encompass other aspired economic and social rights, in a way that takes into consideration the regional and internal challenges of every country. 

The Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concluded his remarks by emphasizing that Egypt's membership of the council will bring new momentum to its endeavors in alleviating the dire consequences of the conflicts raging in the Middle East and Africa, with its human rights violations and humanitarian repercussions on innocent civilians.

The Human Rights Council is the main inter-governmental body within the United Nations responsible for addressing situations of human rights, and enhancing States' capacities to keep up to their commitments in this sphere. It also works on developing the International law of Human Rights. Egypt's election to the council has come after being nominated by the African Countries. Its bid was backed by Arab and wide range of other countries across the world, primarily Islamic and developing countries, which value Egypt's membership as an important step towards enhancing common and shared interests within the council.

Egypt's election to the UN Human Rights Council is a continuation of its successful nomination to several international organizations over the course of the last two years. In addition to its membership of the United Nation Security Council and the African Union Peace and Security Council, Egypt has become a member of the International Maritime Organization Council, the International Civil Aviation Organization Council and the Universal Postal Union Council, as well as the UN Human Rights Committee, the UN Committee on Migrant Workers, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the Human Rights Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.