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43rd Class of the Institute for Diplomatic Studies visits the Arab League

Published at : 3/27/2011 

Ambassador Abdel Raouf El-Reedi’s Class (Class 43) at the Institute for Diplomatic Studies visited the Arab League, accompanied by a delegation of Iraqi diplomats (who were attending a training course at the Institute) visited the Arab League on 10th March. The class and the delegation met with Ambassador Hesham Youssef, Secretary General's Office Director, discussing the situation in Libya as for the confrontations between supporters for and protesters against Colonel Gaddafi's regime. Also discussed were the developments of the Arab Israeli conflict, in addition to the Arab water security issue, in particular, the challenges facing Egypt and Iraq in that concern, and the role played by the Arab League to support both countries' stances. Ambassador Hesham Youssef also demonstrated the efforts exerted to enhance joint Arab work and activate the role of the Arab League and its bodies in the upcoming phase in conformity with Arab peoples' aspirations in light of the successive developments in the Arab World.