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International Rivers as Presented by Batch 43

Published at : 4/19/2011 

The young diplomats, members of batch 43 provided an analytical presentation of each of the Nile River, the Jordan River and both the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The batch discussed the nature of each river and its riparian countries, as well as the challenges facing these countries in an attempt to find the best ways to manage these rivers. Furthermore, they tackled the initiatives that have been adopted for this purpose using  the analytical method of  Harvard University, in addition to suggesting recommendations that would defuse the tension between the riparian countries  in order to reach the best measures of good management and distribution of the river’s water between its countries based on the principle of no harm and the principle of equitable and judicious exploitation of water.

The diplomats’ presentations were supervised by Ambassador Magdy Hefny- Director of the Regional Center for Research and Studies of Water Ethics.