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Training course

Published at : 6/27/2007 
Ceremony to honor the spouses of members of the diplomatic corps who attended a training course at the Institute
The Institute for Diplomatic studies held a ceremony on the 5th of April 2007 at the “Tahrir Palace’, as a tradition that has been recognized for years, to honor the spouses of members of the diplomatic corps who attended a seven weeks training course at the Institute. The ceremony was attended by the Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, his spouse, the Political Advisor to President Mubarak, Ambassador Osama El Baz, and Assistant Foreign Minister, Ambassador Ibrahim Ali Hassan.
During the ceremony, the Foreign Minister emphasized in his word on the important role a diplomat’s spouse plays in facilitating and supporting her husband’s mission, praising the role of his spouse in supporting him in his work during his career in the Foreign Ministry which exceeds four decades. Aboul Gheit also noted that the spouse should take pride in representing Egypt abroad and informing the community she lives in of the Egyptian culture, ancient civilization, contemporary renaissance, and the Egyptian regional pioneering role in the social, artistic, literary, and cultural fields, as well as conveying a positive and genuine image of the conditions of the Egyptian woman and her development over the past years.
This course was specifically characterized by an increase in the number of subjects, in various domains of interest to the diplomat’s spouse, which extended the span of the course to seven weeks, after it was previously set to last for only four weeks. Protocol was one of the main topics discussed in the course, which included home decoration, conversation skills, as well as preparations for banquets and visits. The course also encompassed human rights, dialogue between civilizations and cultures, Egyptian foreign policy, the diplomatic privileges and immunities and those related to international law, ancient Egyptian, modern and contemporary history, the cultural, literary, and artistic soft sources of power, in addition to economic globalization and Egypt’s position towards it, Egypt's role in the various regional and international organizations … and other topics to enrich the knowledge of the diplomat’s spouse and widen her perception in order to assist her in living up to her responsibilities along with her husband in the Egyptian missions abroad.