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Egyptian Institute for Diplomatic Studies organizes training program for ‎Somali parliamentarians and diplomats

Published at : 2/27/2008 
‎17 February 2008….‎
In coordination with the People's and Shura Council Department, the ‎Foreign Ministry Institute for Diplomatic Studies organizes training ‎program for 16 Somali parliamentarians and diplomats in the diplomatic ‎and parliamentary fields, during the period from 10 to 21 February 2008. ‎The program is financed by the Egyptian Fund for Technical ‎Cooperation with Africa.‎
The program is organized within the framework of diplomatic ‎parliamentary cooperation between Egypt and African countries in ‎general and Arab countries in particular, in order to support and develop ‎these countries' diplomats and parliamentarians. This stems from ‎Egypt's keenness on developing its historical and contemporary role in ‎the continent through conveying its experience in all fields, particularly ‎in developing human resources in these countries.‎
Noteworthy, a similar training course was organized previously for ten ‎diplomats and parliamentarians from two Nile Basin countries, Tanzania ‎and Rwanda.‎