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Dr. Mostafa El Feki meets Class 43 at the Institute for Diplomatic Studies

Published at : 3/30/2011 

Dr. Mostafa El Feki held on 29th March with Ambassador Abdel Raouf El-Reedi’s Class of young Diplomatic Attachés (Class 43) at the Institute for Diplomatic Studies an open discussion that lasted approximately an hour and a half. The meeting focused on Egypt after the January 25 Revolution. His Excellency implied that he had previously warned in his articles that the Egyptian people are on the brink of a raging revolution as a result of the unsound political and economic practices that were committed in the late period particularly the past decade.

Dr. Mostafa accentuated the precision of the current period that Egypt is witnessing, expressing his expectation that Egypt will notice an immense economical renaissance if its people could transcend the upcoming two years peacefully. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of redirecting Egypt’s orientation towards the Arab World and the African Continent.
Dr. Mostafa also pointed out the necessity of holding the parliamentary elections ahead of presidential, expressing in this regard, his confidence in the leadership of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to the country during the current transitional period.