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Aboul Gheit in an interview with young diplomats: You should put Egypt's interests as your priority and increase your knowledge

Published at : 4/6/2009 
6 April 2009…

 Foreign Minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit met with two new batches of diplomatic attachés who have recently joined the Foreign Ministry to swear the oath as members of the Egyptian diplomatic corps.

 Aboul Gheit congratulated the new diplomatic attachés for passing the oral and written examinations which were held to join the Ministry, the matter which proves that they are the most efficient and qualified persons to work in the Egyptian diplomatic corps.
 The Foreign Minister urged the new diplomatic attachés to make the Egyptian interests their main concern and to consider their mission as diplomats in the Ministry a national one in the first place, which aims at defending their homeland's destiny, serving the Egyptian society and working on its advancement and honor.
 Aboul Gheit advised the diplomatic attachés to be keen on widening their horizons and deepening their knowledge of the modern world and the challenges facing today's international community. The Minister also urged them to read as many books and reports of international research centers as possible to get acquainted with developments on the international arena.