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Alorabi meets with the young diplomats

Published at : 7/14/2011 

H.E Minister Mohamed Alorabi met in the afternoon of July 11, 2011 with the young diplomats from both batches of Ambassador Ashraf Ghorbal and Ambassador Abdel Raouf El Raidy whom are now being trained at the Egyptian Diplomatic Institute today.

H.E commenced the meeting by giving his sincere advice about the importance of how the diplomat’s performance abroad should reflect his country’s identity, noting that the role of the diplomat is nearly similar to the role of the armed forces officer who defends his country where as the diplomat defends his country’s stances and national interests abroad. H.E also emphasized that the loyalty of the diplomat should always be to the flag and the people of his country.

H.E Ambassador Menha Bakhoum, Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that during the meeting the Minister pointed out that the diplomat should be devoted to serving his country’s national interest abroad and in order to achieve this objective the diplomat should develop his diplomatic skills and be open to the different cultures of the world which in return helps in enhancing the soft power mechanisms of the Egyptian diplomacy in the different forums and events where the diplomat represents his country. Within this context H.E stressed on the importance of good treatment, being humble in addition to being loyal to his country, managers and the institution, assuring that aside from  traditional diplomacy both initiation and creativity are tools for the diplomat to serve his country abroad. The Minister also noted that on a daily basis a young diplomat will accompany H.E. during his working day in order to affirm these concepts to the young diplomats practically.

The spokesman added that the Minister assured the young diplomats on the need to give particular importance to the welfare of the Egyptians living abroad within the framework that serves their interest and maintains being constantly in touch with their homeland.