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The Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdy Louza receives EU and COMESA Delegations following up the elections


Ambassador Hamdy Louza, Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs received on the morning of December the 3rd, the delegation of experts from the EU followed up the parliamentary elections of 2015. Members of the delegation expressed their appreciation for the facilitation that the Egyptian authorities had conducted, specifically the High Elections Committee, that enabled them to carry out their mission in Egypt swiftly. The members of the delegation offered their condolences regarding the deaths that occurred in Al Arish due to the terrorist attack.
The Deputy Foreign Minister also received after the EU meeting, Mr. Felix Motati, the head of the COMESA delegation to follow up the elections as well as the members of the delegation. During the meeting he expressed the gratitude for the facilitation that was afforded to their delegation whilst in Egypt that enabled them to explore in detail the election process and the nature of the help that was provided by nationalist organizations to make the elections a success. Motati also referred to the field visits carried out in a number of Egyptian governorates during the elections period helped to greatly support their follow up of the elections and its organizational and technical details. He noted that the COMESA delegtion was thankful for all the reliance on technology to monitor the elections at various stages. They also praised the level of security for the election districts and the polling stations as well as the efforts undertaken to help those with disabilities in being able to vote. This matter reinforced the positive reflections that the COMESA delegation came up with at the end of their mission in Egypt.