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Foreign Minister participates in the second meeting of the International Syria Support Group on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly



Spokesperson for Foreign Ministry: reinstalling the cessation of hostilities agreement in Syria still faces difficulties

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry participated on Thursday, 22 September in an International Syria Support Group meeting (ISSG) on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. The Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry pointed out that this is the second meeting to be held for the ISSG in just two days, which indicates the continuous difficulties  to reconsolidate the cessation of hostilities and the truce for an agreed period of time in Syria

Counsellor Abu Zeid clarified that the discussions between the group's members, in particular the US and Russia, demonstrates a serious desire by everyone to reach a truce for a sufficient period of time, to allow for the delivery of  humanitarian aid to beneficiaries in Syrian cities, and to pave the way for the re-launch of political talks. However, the problem still lies in some details with regards to the cessation of hostilities, and ways to guarantee everyone's  compliance with the agreement, without exception.

It has been agreed to continue intensive consultations between the US and Russia in the upcoming days, in coordination with the group's members, on how to overcome the current situation. Minister  Shoukry stressed that the international community is looking forward to starting the implementation of the ceasefire agreement as soon as possible, and to swiftly reaching guarantees to ensure compliance with the agreement, without allowing for any breaches by any party.  The Minister added that great responsibility falls on both the US and Russia to reach the required guarantees for the implementation of the agreement.