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Cairo Meeting Declaration


A number of Libyan Personalities, preoccupied with the internal situation in their country have met in Cairo on December 12th and 13th, under the auspices of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to conduct an open and thorough dialogue about the ongoing situation in Libya. They agreed on the following:

First: Lauding the role Egypt plays in Libya, in light of its historic responsibility in preserving Libyan unity, stability and territorial integrity.

Second: Condemning the terrorist attacks that took place in Egypt with the aim to undermine its security and stability.

Third: After two days of extensive discussion among the attendees, under the auspices and with the presence of lieutenant colonel/ Mahmoud Hegazy the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces and Mr. Samek Shoukry the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt, in which they discussed all aspects of the Libyan crisis and the UN-brokered political agreement, and agreed that this agreement constitutes the solid foundation for the political solution, with some amendments to its provisions and annexes, in order to bring an end to the state of division in Libya since 2014, and to stop the escalated situation at all political, economic, humanitarian and security levels, which crush the Libyan people and increase their suffering, and after confirming the following national principles:

-         The unity of Libya and the sanctity of the Libyan blood, and that Libya shall always remain territorially intact.

-         The unity of the Libyan Army along with the national police to protect the nation, as they undertake the exclusive responsibility of maintaining Libya’s security and sovereignty

-         The need to preserve the State’s institutions and respect the rule of law , while ensuring the separation of powers and that justice is being served.

-         Upholding the principle of consensus and accepting one another other, while rejecting all forms of marginalization and exclusion.

-         The rejection and condemnation of external interference, as solution can be achieved with Libyan consensus.

-         Enhancing and upholding all-inclusive national reconciliation

-         Maintaining the civil State and the democratic trajectory in Libya, as well as the peaceful transition of power

And after tackling various concerns that hinder the political process, as well as possible solutions and alternatives that can be put forward to all Libyan parties with no exclusion, in order to bring to an end the political stalemate, the attendees agree on the following list of proposals, they consider necessary to overcome the political agreement crisis and to reach national consensus:

1.     Amending the dialogue committee, in order to take into account the national balance in Libya.

2.     Amending the first paragraph of the Second item of Article VIII of the political agreement, so as to re-consider the tasks assumed by army supreme commander.

3.     Addressing Article VIII of the additional provisions of the political agreement in order to preserve the continuation of the military institution and its independence away from any political disputes.

4.     Reconsidering  the formation of the State Council to include  members of the General National Congress elected in 07/07/2012.

5.     Restructuring the Presidency Council and the decision-making mechanism to address  all issues related to the expansion.


To reach this end, the attendees urge the dialogue body and the UN Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to hold a meeting, not later than two weeks from the date of this declaration, to discuss the aforementioned  proposals and adopt necessary solutions to bring the crisis to an end.


Released in Cairo on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016