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At the outset of his visit to Washington: The Egyptian Foreign Minister meets with the Vice-President Elect Mike Pence


Shoukry relays a verbal message from President el Sisi to Mike Pence


At the outset of his visit to Washington DC, Sameh Shoukry Minister of Foreign Affairs met, on Wednesday November 30th, with Mike Pence Vice-President elect, to relay a verbal message from President Abdel Fattah el Sisi. Shoukry is the first Arab official to meet with the Vice President elect.

The Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid stated that Shoukry was keen on meeting the Vice President elect at the outset of his visit to Washington to relay a verbal message to President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. The message stressed on the deep and strategic relations between Egypt and the United States as Egypt looks forward to strengthening cooperation with the new Administration. The message also drew emphasis on Egypt as a partner, the US can depend on, that supports stability and contributes effectively in solving the Middle East as well as leading anti-terrorism efforts.

Abu Zeid indicated that the US Vice-President-elect listened carefully to the briefing by Foreign Minister about the progress towards economic and social reform in Egypt, and the challenges facing Egypt in this area. The Vice President elect stressed the aspiration of the US president-elect to work with and support Egypt bilaterally and regionally in order to promote peace and stability in the Middle East, expressing his deep appreciation for the efforts undertaken by President el-Sisi to achieve the aspirations of the Egyptian people and consolidate stability, peace and development in Egypt and the region.

The spokesperson added that Shoukry’s visit to Washington lasts several days, where he will meet with the Secretary of State "John Kerry" and leaders of both houses of Congress. Minister Shoukry is also expected to deliver a keynote address at the 13th Annual forum organized by the Brookings Institute’s "Saban Center for Middle East Policy" as well as hold talks with different high level officials in Washington and interviews with CNN, PBS, Wall Street Journal and a number of Arab and foreign News agencies in Washington.