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Minister of Foreign Affairs heads to Paris to participate in the International Peace Conference



Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry heads to Paris to chair Egypt's delegation at the International Conference that France has invited to in oder to revive peace negotiations between the Palestinian and Isreali sides. The Conference will be held on on Sunday, January 15.

Counselor Ahmed Abu Zeid, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Minister Shoukry is set to give a speech during the conference to outline Egypt's vision on reaching a just and comprehensive settlement to the Palestinian Cause, which is considered as the cornerstone of stability and peaceful coexistence in the region. The Minister will stress the necessity for the Palestinian people to get their legitimate rights, primarily the establishment of their independent State along the borders of June 4, 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital. Minister Shoukry will also express Egypt's readiness to effectively contribute to achieving this objective, through encouraging both the Palestinian and Israeli sides to resume direct negotiations.

The Spokesperson added that Minister Shoukry reiterated on several recent occasions Egypt's steadfast and unwavering commitment in support of the Palestinian Cause. The Spokesperson also affirmed Egypt's support for any effort to bring peace and stability to the Middle East, in addition to its readiness to exert all efforts to ensure the success of every initiative that aim at reaching a final solution to the cause, taking into consideration the vision laid out last May by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which helped re-push the cause to the spotlight, and reinvigorated regional and international efforts. The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that all sincere and serious initiatives can provide a real opportunity for the Palestinian and Israeli sides to affirm their political will, put in place the foundations for confidence building measures, and furnish an enabling environment in support of the resumption of negotiations, so as to bring the conflict to an end, and achieve comprehensive and just peace.

The spokesman pointed out that Egypt's participation in Paris Peace Conference stems from its responsibility toward achieving peace between the Palestinians and Israelis, and reflects anew the highest priority Egypt's foreign policy accords to the Palestinian Cause. The Minister of Foreign Affairs will conduct important bilateral meetings with his European and Arab counterparts, on the sidelines of the conference.