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Foreign Minister meets with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan


Foreign Ministry spokesperson: The meeting stressed the strategic bilateral relations and the common desire to push it forward in the next phase.

Sameh Shoukry Foreign Minister met on Friday, December 2 with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, "Paul Ryan", during his current visit to Washington.

In a statement by Counselor Ahmed Abu Zeid, Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry after the meeting, he pointed out that the Minister provided, at the beginning of the meeting, a detailed overview of the political, economic and social conditions in Egypt, and the challenges associated with efforts to combat terrorism. Minister Shoukry also touched on the various elements of economic and social reform program and the efforts undertaken by the current government to overcome relevant challenges. In this concern, the Foreign Minister referred to the important role played by President Abdel Fattah el Sisi in carrying out comprehensive reform in Egypt, including his call for a renewed religious discourse, pointing out that Egypt's success in achieving all of these goals would provide a positive model for the region and the countries of the Middle East, and reiterating that US support is essential to ensure the success of the Egyptian experience.

The Speaker of the House, requested to convey a message of support from Congress to the Egyptian President, adding that he was keen to visit Egypt after the assumption of the speakership to highlight the depth of the strategic relations between the two countries. Abu Zeid added that the various aspects of the US-Egypt bilateral relations were also discussed, as both sides look forward to strengthen the bilateral relations after the inauguration of the new US administration. The discussion also reflected the awareness shared by both sides of the strategic relations and the important role played by Egypt towards instilling  peace and stability in the Middle East. Furthermore, talks also touched on the US aid program to Egypt, where Shoukry stressed on the importance of continuing the program as it reaffirms US support for Egypt's stability and welfare of its people.