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Singapore Minister of Defense Admires President’s Initiative on Religious Discourse Renewal



Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, received today, Dec. 10, Doctor Ng Eng Hen, Singapore Minister of Defense, at the margin of the 12th session of “Manama Dialogue” organized by The International Institute For Strategic Studies, December 09-11.

Counselor Ahmad Abu Zeid, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, declared that the meeting tackled bilateral, regional, and international issues of mutual interest. Singapore’s minister expressed appreciation of the president’s initiative on religious discourse renewal and the pivotal role played by Al-Azhar Al-Sherif in this regard, the largest and the most ancient religious institution in the Islamic world. The minister indicated Singapore equally values Egypt’s efforts of anti-terrorism and extremist ideologies at the international level.

Singapore’s Minister of Defense affirmed, during the meeting, the key role by the religious institutions in Egypt and notably Al-Azhar through sending their envoys to combat extremist ideologies in south eastern Asia. Al-Azhar also receives foreign students for studying. The minister aspires to sustainable cooperation between the two parties to rectify erroneous concepts about the religion of Islam and confirm moderation in this regard. The minister further pointed out Singapore’s reception to his Eminence Doctor Shawqi Allam, the Egyptian Mufti, added the spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Singapore’s minister of defense felt relaxed about the positive developments of the bilateral relations between the two countries reflected in reciprocal visits at the summit level and looks forward to Sameh Shoukry’s visit to Singapore. Sameh Shoukry, on his part, confirmed Egypt’s interest in and appreciation of the bilateral relations and is keen on its advancement in all fields.  In addition to following up on the implementation of bilateral agreements and the continuity of Egypt’s efforts against terrorism and fundamentalist ideologies, clarified the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.