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Foreign minister meets with Foreign Ministers of Visegrád Group


The Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, Counselor Ahmed Abu Zeid stated that Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry received, on Tuesday morning, 20 December 2016, the Foreign Ministers of the Visegrád Group, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, in the framework of the consultation mechanism between Egypt and the group "V4 + Egypt". At the outset of the meeting, Shoukry welcomed the Foreign Ministers of the V4  and affirmed Egypt's keenness on holding the consultation mechanism periodically, in order to exchange views and coordinate situations with the four countries. The Foreign Minister also expressed his appreciation for the distinguished relations with the four countries at the bilateral level and the international fora, as well.

Counselor Ahmed Abu Zeid also stated that Shoukry briefed the Foreign Ministers about the developments in Egypt in detail, particularly the economic reform program that the Egyptian Government adopted. Shoukry also expressed Egypt's aspiration for the Visegrád Group's support within European frameworks, as the four countries are members in the EU. For their parts, the four Foreign Ministers highlighted that Egypt's stability is essential for the stability of the region, which drives them to support the Egyptian stances before the different European institutions, due to its vital role in the stability of the Middle East region.   

The Spokesperson added that the two sides held extended talks on regional issues, as the Foreign Minister assured the fundamentals of the Egyptian stance towards the Syrian issue, especially with regard to ensuring the delivery of humanitarian assistance to civilians and the need to launch the political process again, in order to reach a comprehensive and final settlement to the crisis. Shoukry also briefed the four Foreign Ministers about the Egyptian efforts to enhance peace, support the implementation of the Skhirat agreement and support the dialogue between the Libyan parties, in addition to Egypt's vision towards the situations in Iraq and Yemen, further to the means of coordination between Egypt and Europe on the issue of illegal immigration, due to its repercussions on the various European countries. The two sides also discussed the terrorism issue thoroughly, as Shoukry affirmed the need to adopt a comprehensive approach to deal with this phenomenon without differentiating between violent and non-violent extremism, so as to face the fierce terrorist attack worldwide and to eradicate it from its roots. At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed upon holding an annual meeting between the Egyptian foreign minister and the foreign ministers of the four countries on a regular basis.

It's worth mentioning that the Visegrád Group was formed in the early nineties of the last century, and includes four countries of Central and Eastern EuropeHungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, in order to increase the integration of these countries in the European framework and to promote bonds of cooperation among them in the economic, military and energy fields. Egypt has participated in the first meeting of the mechanism V4 + Egypt in May 2014 in Slovakia at the Foreign Ministers level, and the last round of consultations between Egypt and the V4 was held in the Czech capital Prague, in April 2016.