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Foreign Minister Heads to Addis Ababa to Participate in Presidential Meeting on Libya


Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry is heading on Monday, November 7, to the Ethiopian capitalAddis Ababa to participate in the joint meeting of the high-level African Committee on Libya, joiningLibya's neighboring countries. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid said the meeting will be held at the summit level at the headquarters of the African Union, where the Foreign Minister will participate on behalf of the President. The meeting will be held under the patronage of the President of Chad, the current Chairperson of the African Union.

       The spokesperson said the meeting will include members of the African High-Level Committee on Libya (South Africa - Gabon - Ethiopia - Niger - Mauritania), and the neighboring countries of Libya (Egypt - Sudan - Chad - Algeria - Niger - Tunisia), in addition to  Libya, Uganda and Congo. He added that the African Union's efforts to deal with the Libyan crisis began in the wake of the revolution of February 17, 2011, whereby the African Union formed a high-level presidential committee on Libya in order to communicate with the parties of the crisis until Security Council Resolution 1973 was issued, entailing a cease-fire between the Libyan parties and an end to attacks against civilians.

       The spokesperson added the African Union resumed efforts to deal with the situation in Libya after a decision by the Union's summit in January 2016 to form of a new presidential high-level committee on Libya, including the above-mentioned countries, as well as the appointment of former Tanzanian President "Jakaya Kikwete" as a new envoy of the African Union to Libya. He explained that the high-level committee held one meeting on September 21, 2016, in New York on the sidelines of the 71st UN General Assembly session with the participation of Libya's neighboring states, noting that the meeting scheduled to be held in Addis Ababa aims to follow-up on that meeting.

       At the conclusion of his remarks, the spokesperson stressed that Egypt's participation aims to outline the Egyptian vision on dealing with the situation in Libya and to emphasize the centrality of the Skhirat agreement, in addition to supporting all Arab, African and international efforts aimed at achieving stability and rebuilding the Libyan state institutions.