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Sameh Shoukry meets with the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee in the US Senate


Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met on Thursday, Dec. during his current visit to Washington with Senator "Jack Reed" ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The Foreign Ministry's spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid, stated that the meeting focused on regional challenges in the Middle East and the role of the Egyptian army in promoting stability in the region. He added that Shoukry presented a review of Egypt's vision of the crises in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and potential solutions, as well as efforts to combat terrorism in the region.

Similarly, Abu Zeid indicated that Senator Reed touched upon the democratization process taking place in Egypt, pointing out that the United States understands the nature of the challenges associated with this process, but it is also important that Egypt makes more aggressive moves and accelerate its efforts to ensure a continuing sound support from Washington. In turn, minister Shoukry responded that the path to democratization and economic and social reform is a strategic choice by the Egyptian government, and was adopted in the interest of the Egyptian people, highlighting that the Egyptian government is serious in taking all necessary measures to redress economic inequalities that characterized the Egyptian economy over the long years .

Senator Reed was keen to listen to the Foreign Minister's assessment  of the situation in Syria, and the efforts carried out by Egypt within the Security Council to shed lights on the priority of dealing with the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo and try to overcome the current state of polarization between some of the permanent members of the UN Security Council over how to deal with the Syrian crisis