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FM meets former US National Security Advisor "Steve Hadley"


Foreign Ministry spokesperson: talks between Shoukry and Hadley addressed crises in the Middle East and Egypt's vision towards them

During his visit to Washington, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met with former US National Security Advisor "Steve Hadley," and  President of the Board of the US Institute of Peace, one of the most prestigious research centers, well respected among decision-making circles in Washington.

Counselor Ahmed Abu Zeid, spokesperson for the ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicated after the meeting, that the Minister Shoukry was keen to meet with former US national security adviser, on the background of the important report recently prepared by "Hadley" jointly with former US Secretary of State "Madeleine Albright". Abu Zeid noted that the report was communicated to the new US administration as a proposal to deal with the region during the next phase, and outlines the strategy to deal with the Middle East, including various recommendations for dealing with the major crises in the region. Abu Zeid added that Hadley explained the elements addressed in the report, pointing out that it highlights Egypt as one of the most important countries in the Middle East region in terms of strategic value to the United States, and that it is in the US interest to promote and strengthen its relations with Egypt, emphasizing that the report specifies Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia as the four main countries that the United States could give special attention to when looking to enforce stability in the Middle East.

Furthermore, the talks touched on the crises in Libya, Syria, Yemen and the war on terror, where Shoukry responded to all inquiries raised by the former National Security adviser about Egypt's vision on how to resolve these crises in a sustainable and viable manner. The Foreign Minister also explained the Egyptian vision towards the Syrian crisis and the efforts carried out by Egypt in the security Council to deal with the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria, stressing the centrality of preserving the unity of Arab nations, their social cohesion and the role of the central state in dealing with all these crises. During the meeting, Steve Hadley also spoke lengthily of his assessment of the expected trends by the new US administration to deal with the crises in the Middle East, particularly with regard to dealing with Iran, Turkey and Russia, in addition to the concerns and priorities of the new administration with regard to international economic and social issues in the world.

The spokesperson stated that the foreign minister presented a comprehensive overview of reform programs and the ongoing economic, social and political developments, reiterating the importance of continued US support to Egypt to ensure the success of the Egyptian experience. Shoukry highlighted that Egypt's stability and success will enhance the entire region's stability, will be a role model and a glimmer of hope for the Arab peoples in the light of the challenges of existing threats, which threaten social peace and territorial integrity of many countries in the region and would in turn undermine US interests in the Middle East in the long term if the current situation persists.