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Foreign Minister visits Somalia



Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Kamel Amr, paid a visit to Somalia on 10th of March 2013; the Foreign Ministry issued a statement referring to such historic visit, the first of its kind, to the Somali capital Mogadishu for many years. During the visit, Foreign Minister Amr stated that the decision to reopen the Egyptian Embassy in Mogadishu is already taken, adding that the decision comes in light of the progress achieved at security and stability levels in Somalia, in addition to the political stability achieved by the election of the Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud in September 2012, and the formation of the new Somali government, marking the end of the transitional stage.

Egypt aims, by taking the decision to reopen the embassy's in Mogadishu, would like to emphasize that Egypt is a key partner to the Somali government in facing all challenges ahead of the brotherly Somali people, and ensures its continuous support for the efforts of the Somali leadership aimed at establishing security and stability.

The statement clarified that the Egyptian embassy did not suspend playing its role from its temporal headquarters in Nairobi, through various stages of the Somali crisis; and that the step of returning the Embassy to Mogadishu synchronizes with intensifying the Egyptian efforts to provide support for the brethren Somalis to reconstruction of the state institutions, particularly in this new stage that Somalia is witnessing. The statement added that Egypt gives priority in this context to building capacities and training Somali cadres in all fields, to enable the Somali government to fulfill its obligations to achieve development, reconstruction and provide the essential needs of its citizens. It also pointed out that the presence of the Egyptian embassy in Mogadishu will enhance the effectiveness of those efforts.

During his visit to Mogadishu, Foreign Minister Amr will meet with the Somali President, the Speaker of the Parliament, Foreign Minister and Defence Minister to discuss means of enhancing bilateral relations.