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 New York, December 3, 2014    

President of the General Assembly, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, i would like to express my appreciation to you Mr. President for holding this important event on Observance of the Twentieth Anniversary of the International Year of the Family.

Egypt believes that the traditional family is the natural and fundamental core unit of society. The family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protection of children and that children should grow up in a family environment and, for the full and harmonious development of their personalities in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding. This healthy family environment cannot be achieved without State's and society's total engagement in the protection of the family.

Egypt emphasizes that family issues should be given the due attention, in accordance with each country's laws, traditions and religious background.  All cultures and traditions respect the family as the main unit of the society and the guardian of the Child’s rights.

Mr. President,

Egypt observed with disappointment, during the work of the Third Committee the attempts of some Member states to introduce the notions of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation issues in resolutions related to family and children, and to impose them on other Member states. Egypt refuses those attempts for the following reasons:

First: Those notions of gender identity and sexual orientation are neither universally acceptable nor reflected in any international human right instrument that has been negotiated and adopted by consensus.

Second: Those two notions are counterproductive and will have a negative impact on the Family concept which we are celebrating today.

Third: imposing those two notions which are refused by Egypt and many other Member states and wide spectrum of civil society organizations is a negative precedent in the UN work and goes against the UN Charter which calls for non-intervention in the internal affairs of Member States.

Fourth: Those two notions are against the Provisions of many universal instruments, among which is the International convention on the elimination of discrimination of women and the Convention of Rights of the Child, specially the latter's provisions dedicated to the right of the Child to have an identity.

Egypt  fully respects the human rights of all single individuals on its territories without discrimination based on color, origin, sex, religion or ideology. Egypt equally respects the choices of other Member States, their cultures and national laws, religions, and expects reciprocity.

Mr. President,

Egypt urges Member States to abandon all those controversial notions and to  be practical while dealing with the family issues.

While preparing the new Post 2015 development agenda, Our main focus should be the development of family-oriented policies and the provision of relevant education, housing and healthcare services, with intergenerational focus. Many families are still living in abject poverty. Our main objective should be supporting those families, especially their vulnerable women and children members.

In conclusion,

Let us pursue collectively family-oriented developmental programs and to refrain from attempting to change social and cultural patterns of other member states.

Let us all work for the welfare of our children according to every country's social and cultural patterns and their understanding of the family.

Let us help each family to raise its children within a normal environment while safeguarding their innocence and preventing disturbing that innocence with  any controversial notions.

I thank you Mr. President. 


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