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Shoukry: Egypt is interested in increasing political and economic cooperation for the benefit of the people of Africa



The Foreign Minister of Egypt Sameh Shoukry has stressed on Egypt wanting to support the growth of relations between Egypt and its African brethren and he has shown that Egypt has countless of opportunities to invest and share in terms of common interests. He highlighted that there is a great deal of interest to better both economic and political relations to serve the interests of the African people.

He pointed to their being a unity between Egypt and Africa stating that there are clear investment opportunities and that Egypt has a lot to offer the African states that would benefit their own people.

Sameh Shoukry stated in a press release on the eve of his visit to Kenya that his discussion with the Kenyan Foreign Minister dealt with bilateral relations between Egypt and Kenya and a number of regional issues. At the head of these were African causes, noting also the will to jointly support relations between the two countries and give them a boost.

He added that they talk about all the cases of the region whether they were in the Middle East and including the situation in Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and as well as what Kenya is going through. The importance of Egyptian and Kenyan cooperation in combating terrorism was also stressed including further economic cooperation. The preparations being made for the Environmental summit in the World Trade Organisation were also discussed along with Egypt’s bid for a seat in the Security Council, these topics were well received on the Kenyan side and found support.

He noted that the Kenyan Foreign Minister pointed to her country aspiring for a long time to have Egypt reengage with the African Continent and to have joint cooperation on the challenges that are facing the people of Africa. There was interest, appreciation and happiness on their part to have Egypt reengage its African Brothers.

 On the assistance levied to Africa Shoukry said that Egypt is providing aid in several fields including health, noting the contribution made to Kenya of dialysis machines and digestion equipment is an expression in raising Kenyan capabilities. This is also in light training and building the capabilities of Kenyan doctors to help provide a better medical service to the people from an act of support and responsibility on the part of the Egypt.

The Foreign Minister said the cooperation with Africa in the health sector is an important issue as it benefits the people and has a direct impact on raising the suffering off of them. For that reason Egypt has made sure to contribute these dialysis machines to Kenya as an act of friendship and understanding. Egypt is also vested in increasing its cooperation with the states of the continent to build its education and farming capabilities as well as providing scholarships to Egyptian Universities for students from Kenya and Africa.

He noted that the challenges being faced by Africa are all similar hence the need to have joint understanding on the ways to deal with them in order to be able to beat them.

He noted the importance of cooperation in the humanitarian field since it is a common problem between people who have experienced occupation. In the end the people are the ones who put the faith in the governments as is the case now in Egypt as well as in Kenya, their hopes and aspirations are the main focus of any government and we should seek to achieve them.


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