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Huge Ceremony for the Foreign Minister in Nairobi to Support Egypt’s bid for a Security Council Seat in a large gathering for both United Nations Representatives and Diplomats



A huge ceremony was held in the UN headquarters in Nairobi to bring in support for the Egyptian bid for a Security Council non-permanent seat in 2016-2016.


The ceremony was attended by various Arab and Foreign Ambassadors who are present in Kenya as well as the permanent representatives in the UN headquarters in Nairobi. Also present were the executive managers for the various UN programs such as the UN Environment Programme and the UNHCR. The assistant to the Secretary General was also present including the senior staff and employees of the UN headquarters in Nairobi.


The Various diplomatic circles participating in the event all showed their appreciation to Egypt’s role and its current and historic efforts in the UN that qualify it to be a part of the Security Council.


During the ceremony a small booklet with all of Egypt’s contributions and activities in the UN was distributed to the delegates highlighting Egypt’s role in maintaining peace and security and the various contributions to peace keeping operations around the world. This included as well the causes that have been adopted by Egypt to further Africa’s development.


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