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October 2017

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The Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD) in cooperation with the National Center for Judicial Studies organized a training course in the field of civil and administrative justice for 16 African trainees from English-speaking countries, on Sunday January 4. The course which is being held during the period of January 4-15, 2015, includes topics in civil law, all legal civil sciences, and review of civil judgment, methods of evidence in civil law, constitutional review of laws and how to appeal sentences, in addition to other relevant topics.

EAPD Deputy Secretary General Minister Plenipotentiary Ahmed Adel Sobhi stressed the ministry's interest in supporting development in Africa, referring to the importance of the justice sector to achieve the appropriate climate for Africa's development, and the African peoples' aspirations. Sobhi also praised the National Center for Judicial Studies and those who support it, wishing success for the trainees and their taking advantage of the expertise offered by Egypt at all levels.