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October 2017

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In the framework of  improving the continuous and constructive cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the African Nations, the opening ceremony  was launched. The agricultural training courses included the fields of agricultural mechanization, agricultural extension, food security, silos management, grain preservation, animal health, artificial insemination, fisheries, aquaculture fisheries and in addition to irrigation techniques for keeping water. The courses were organized by the Egyptian Agency for Development Partnerships in collaboration with the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture. 140 trainees from various agricultural cadres (engineers, agronomists and veterinarians) took part in these trainings hailing from the Sudan and the Nile Basin countries. These courses are a small part of helping our fellow African brothers from Nile basin countries and Sudan in particular to meet their needs and benefit from Egyptian expertise in agriculture and irrigation. 

Counselor Mukhtar Wareida attended the opening ceremony, representing the Egyptian Agency for Development Partnerships, where he stressed in his speech on the depth of the historical ties between the peoples of the Nile Valley and Egypt's constant pursuit in developing the capabilities and skills of our fellow African countries. The trainees expressed their gratitude to the people and government of Egypt.