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Passenger's Guide

Passenger's Guide  


The Egyptian Customs Authority

Passenger's Guide

Dear Passenger,

The Egyptian Customs Authority is pleased to present the Passenger's guide to explain the customs exemptions granted for all passengers according to customs exemptions law No. 186 for the year 1986 and its executive regulations.

Firstly: upon Arrival:

The following items are exempted from customs duties:

1-   Tourists and in transit passengers used clothes and jewelry along with what they bring of cameras, recorders, theatre eyeware, portable musical instruments mobile phones, wheeled chairs and sports equipment; provided that these items should not be in commercial quantities.

2-   Valuables mentioned and proved on the passports or the specific from upon departure.

3-   New items as presents within a value of 1500 Egyptian pounds, provided that these items should not be in commercial quantities.

Customs duties and other taxes are paid on what exceeds the exemption limit.

4-   One litre of alcoholic drinks plus 200 grams of cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco.

5-   Medicines for personal use.

6-   Items bought from the free shops for personal use established inside the customs zones, within 48 hours of the arrival of the passenger, this should not exceed the value of 200 US dollars when the tourist or the person in transit is not subject to the exemption mentioned in paragraph 3.

- customs duties and other taxes are paid on what exceeds the above mentioned amount, in a way not to exceed 4 times a year for tourists and in transit passengers and 2 times a year for Egyptians and that should be registered on the passport provided that the owner of the passport should be present.

7-   Personal luggage, equipment, furniture and special cars for PH. D holders or its equivalent upon their final arrival after finishing their studies or upon the arrival of their family after the death.

On the following conditions:

A-  The accrued customs duties shall not exceed 10000 EGP. In addition to exempting one personal computer and a standard printer. In case the customs duties exceeded this limit, the passenger should pay the difference.

B-  The person shall enjoy that exemption one time only.

C-  Obtain the approval from the competent consul or from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the list of the exempted items conveying that the value of those items has been paid in full.

D- Present a certificate issued from the general directorate for scholarships at the Ministry of Higher Education.

E-  These items should be received from abroad or purchased from the free zones or free shops in Egypt within 6 months from the date of obtaining the PH.D or its equivalent.

F-   The Minister of Finance may waive the condition of duration if there were reasons to justify it.

* This exemption should not be combined with any other exemption.

* In case of the entitlement to one or both of the couple together for the exemption in accordance with this article and if one of them entitle to another kind of exemption, then the exemption mentioned in this article shall apply unless the couple decides to benefit from the other exemption.

* The disposal of any exempted item during the next five years from the date of release is prohibited except after referring to the Customs Authorities and paying the customs duties.

8-   Devices and Equipment which come accompanied by foreign media personal after submitting a formal pledge to the press centre at the airport or present an adequate guarantee to the Customs Authorities.


Secondly, upon Departure:

1-   It is allowed to take the previously imported items which were proved on the passport or which that paid the refundable customs duties for tourists and passengers upon their arrival.

2-   Valuables that were mentioned and proved on the passport or on the specific form in case there is a desire to bring it back to the country.

Thirdly, Cash Allowances upon Arrival and Departure:

1-   Passengers are allowed to carry – Upon Arrival or Departure – an amount of 10000 US dollars or its equivalent in other currencies.

2-   Passengers are allowed to carry a cash limit of 5000 EGP (five thousands Egyptian Pounds) it is prohibited to exceed that amount.

Fourthly, Prevented and Prohibited Items upon Arrival and Departure:

1-   Medicines that are only allowed unless there is a doctor's prescription like (Tramadol, Xanax, Librax…etc).

2-   Real arms & Ammunations and toys in shape of arms in addition to exclusives or any other materials that contain exclusives such as fireworks and fire crackers.

3-   All types and kinds of monuments.

4-   All types of Drugs.

5-   Subsidized goods and medicines except for the personal use only.

6-   All types of wild animals (alive, mummified or slaughtered) except after obtaining the permission of veterinary quarantine and CITES Departments.

7-   Coral Reefs.

8-   Mangos, all kind of fruit seedlings – cotton seeds – seeds – soil – bees' honey and products thereof – all kinds of citrus fruits, all types of palm trees (fruits or for decoration) (upon arrival)


Fifthly: ECA Hot Line: 19421

Sixthly: The Egyptian Customs Authority


Law no. 88/2013 on the monetary amount permitted for passengers arriving or departing from the territories of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Hereinafter, provisions of Law no. 88/2013 on amending some of the provisions of the Central Bank and the Monetary Authority on the money allowed for passengers arriving or departing from the Arab Republic of Egypt. For more Press here